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A singular gratification for Charlotte Badger, Design Coordinator for the O’Brien Brothers Agency, was the pleasure of seeing the first home at Hillside at O’Brien Farm occupied utilizing her designs and selections at Hillside at O’Brien Farm.

Growing up in Manchester, Vermont, Charlotte spent her life surrounded by blueprints, fabric and carpet samples, and house redesigns. Her father Bill Badger, an established architect with his own practice, exposed his daughter to the history and creativity of architecture and design. Charlotte spent years with her dad measuring buildings, listening to clients’ desires, and meeting others in the field. She was drawn to the work, style, and expression of colors by a renowned artist, Susan Sargent, a family friend and mentor.

After graduating from St. Lawrence University with a BA in History, Charlotte moved to Boston as an assistant photographer helping to prepare and stage luxury homes featured in Design New England magazine. That experience led her to Portland, Oregon, renovating a house from blueprints to framing and finishes. After five years in Oregon, she returned to Vermont to assist in her father’s firm, Badger and Associates, Inc., becoming proficient in creating detailed 3D models and 2D computer drawings.

Charlotte now serves as the in-house Design Coordinator at O’Brien Brothers for the Hillside at O’Brien Farm neighborhood. The new South Burlington development features a  comprehensive Design Center in the lower level of its Model Home, offering a unique and custom-tailored experience not otherwise being offered in this market.

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