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HillSide at O'Brien Farm

Building Green at Hillside

Location and Transportation

Our Hillside Neighborhood hosts 115 Homes with parks and open space in just over 29 Acres, almost 4 homes per acre.  Building with a high density like this reduces urban sprawl and limits the excessive clearing and deforestation of natural lands beyond developed areas.  Hillside is also conveniently located within two miles of over 15 various stores, shops and services, and the neighborhood has a bus stop located within a half mile of each home, encouraging the use of public transportation and making it easy to ride bicycles or walk to many local destinations.

Sustainable Sites

Our average home holds 2,171 finished square feet with an average FAR (Floor to Area Ratio) value of 0.226, our neighborhood streets are only 15-Feet wide with a 5-foot integrated sidewalk and at least 70 of our 115 homes (60%) will feature drive-under garages.  This design reduces heat island impacts from exposed paved surfaces and limits the total area of impervious surfaces occupying open space.

Energy and Atmosphere

Built to comply with the Vermont Act 250 Land Use and Development program, our neighborhood homes are designed for energy efficiency and ideal thermal performance in cold climates.  In addition to a robust insulation package included with each home, we use Natural Gas for heat and hot water, reducing the emissions of air pollutants and carbon dioxide as compared to petroleum-based heating systems.

Our York TM9V LX Hot Air Furnaces operate with a 96% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), producing 16% more heat per gallon of fuel than typical 80% AFUE furnaces.

Each piece of our standard GE Kitchen Appliance Package is Energy-Star rated, as is every LED light bulb we use throughout our homes.  Our homes are also built with “Solar-Prep” availability, providing an opportunity for easy installation of Solar Panel systems.


Water Efficiency

Our Hillside homes feature many Watersense certified Low-Flow and Low-Flush water fixtures.  Our Moen Kitchen and Lavatory faucets operate at 1.5 gallons per minute, reducing water usage by 0.7 Gallons per usage minute.  Our Gerber Toilets operate at 1.28 gallons per flush, reducing water usage by 0.32 gallons per flush.  On average, each of our homes will conserve around 3,400 gallons of water each year when compared to the average home.


Materials and Resources

During our land development, we opted to crush our unearthed ledge rock on site, rather than transport crushed stone in from a local gravel plant.  After crushing over 50,000 cubic yards of stone on site, we avoided burning over 8,500 gallons of diesel fuel by avoiding 42,000 miles a dump truck travel, ultimately preventing the emission of over 190,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (95 tons).

Over 80% of our construction waste is diverted from landfills and recycled, 34% of which is clean lumber used at the McNeal Power Plant for waste-to-energy processes to help power the City of Burlington.  Lumber, plastics, cardboard and metals are collected on a weekly basis, co-mingled, and hauled off site to be sorted and recycled thereafter.

Our kitchen cabinetry is Certified as part of the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program, recognizing the practice and process of material growth, harvesting and manufacturing as environmentally friendly.


Indoor Environmental Quality

Cold climates call for tight, heavy-insulated thermal envelopes.  Therefore, in order to ensure adequate ventilation and a healthy indoor air quality, our homes include programmable Panasonic Whispergreen bath fans, circulating up to 110 cubic feet of fresh air per minute.

By using Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) Sherwin Williams Paint and Greenguard Certified Bona Waterborne Finish Stains for each of our interior finishes, we preserve our indoor air quality, reducing the impact of VOC’s found in typical interior finishes.

Efficiency Vermont Base Level 2.0

Effective August 01, 2020, all new Hillside homes will be Efficiency Vermont Base Level 2.0 Certified.  Until then, buyers can choose to opt into the program for their new homes.  Ask your sale representative for more info today!

R15 Slab Perimeter Insulation

Any area of garage or basement slab, at a level within 12” of grade, will now have a minimum of 48” wide R15 Rigid Foam Insulation beneath the perimeter.  This application reduces heat loss at the concrete floor and provides a tighter thermal envelope for the entire home.

R20 + R5 Continuous Wall Insulation

All exterior framed walls, in addition to our typical R21 batt insulation, will now feature an R5 Continuous Rigid Foam.  This improves a home’s thermal performance by reducing thermal bridging at each exterior stud.

Blower Door Test with 2.0 ACH50 Rating or Better

ACH50 testing ensures a tight thermal envelope in each home, measuring the Air Exchanges per Hour at 50 Pascals of pressure.  Achieving a 2.0 ACH50 Rating certifies that the home has been properly insulated and thoroughly inspected.

Average Glass U-Value of 0.28 or Better 

With Marvin Elevate Series Low-E Windows and Therma Tru Exterior Doors, the glass of our homes will now achieve an average U-value of less than 0.28, reducing heat and energy loss at each opening.

Energy Star Tankless On-Demand Hot Water Heater

On average, water heating amounts to nearly 20% of a home’s annual energy costs.  With the Rinnai RU180IN Tankless On-Demand Natural Gas water heater, homeowners enjoy the freedom and convenience of having an endless supply of hot water for their family while reducing a home’s energy demand, utility costs and overall carbon emissions.

HRV System with SRE of 70% or Better                                             

A tighter home with minimal air leakage still needs to breath.  The Lifebreath 267 MAX HRV System provides proper ventilation and moisture mitigation, without causing a drastic heat loss.  With an SRE (sensible recovery efficiency) value of 75%, this HRV system will give our homes fresh, clean air without losing heat.