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HillSide at O'Brien Farm

O’Brien Farm

Rich with Heritage and Values

Founded six decades ago by native South Burlingtonians Leo Jr. and Daniel J. O’Brien, O’Brien Brothers operates on a mission of providing quality construction, superb customer service, and lasting value to our customers. Our time tested and proven reputation is built upon integrity and a commitment to always doing the right and fair thing for our customers and for the communities in which we do business.

Build Your Home

From the Beginning

Leo and Dan’s father, Leo Sr., purchased the Old Farm Road property in 1944 to expand his cattle and farming business.

The property took on special significance to the business and family over the years as both brothers started and raised their families in neighboring houses on the crest of the hill separated only by the iconic red dairy barn. Leo and his wife raised six children in the original farmhouse and Dan and his wife followed suit next door raising five children of their own on the idyllic setting with panoramic mountain views.

It wasn’t an unusual site to see one of the brothers driving a tractor trailing a hay wagon filled with laughing children, and the farm was the setting of an annual Rick Marcotte Central School field trip for many years.

Adirondack Mountains

Evolving With The Times

Chittenden County expansions meant change was coming. O’Brien Brothers rose to the challenge and opportunity.

As the business grew and as Vermont changed with the times, the brothers transitioned the business from cattle dealing and farming to developing and building homes, apartments and commercial spaces to help local businesses grow and thrive.

In 1994, O’Brien Brothers sold the last of their herd and fully transitioned out of farming, but the cultivation and connection with the land continued to run deep within the family. Today, three residences housing three generations of O’Brien family members still reside on Old Farm Road, and while the use of the land continues to evolve, the commitment to its stewardship and the integrity and vision of the brothers guides every aspect of the Hillside at O’Brien Farm project.

The Vision Continues

The vision that Leo and Dan created long ago to build properties that their children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren can be proud of continues to this day.

Today, O’Brien Brothers continues to be a family owned locally focused real estate development, management and construction company with a diversified portfolio of commercial and residential properties. Leo and Dan—now in their 80’s and still active owners and board members of the firm—have created a legacy of community involvement, integrity, compassion and hard work. The vision that they long ago created to develop and construct properties that their children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren can be proud of continues to this day. The brothers and the rest of their family are pleased and proud to now invite others to live, raise their families and create their own memories on the land that has meant so much to the O’Briens for generations.